A Foodly Affair specialises in mending relationships. With food.

When you spend more than a few minutes a day with anyone or anything, it is inevitable that a relationship of sorts will form, whether consciously or not; so it is with food. As for any other human bond, our relationship with what we put into our mouths can be uplifting or complacent or depraved or glorious, depending on the minute or the mood.

The ways in which we relate to and benefit from our food are very personal. A Foodly Affair's holistic approach can help you to find your own foodly philosophy - with all the health benefits, improved self-image and whole-of-senses pleasures that come from eating the very best food you can find.

Let us help you feel so good.

Our Classes

  • Decadent Desserts
  • Summer Salads
  • Guilt-free Spreads
  • Smoothies and Juices
  • Making a Raw Meal

What We Offer

  • Food Coaching
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Small Scale Catering
  • Public and Corporate Talks
  • Food Design

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Uncooked is alive

Hannah's latest ebook is fresh out of the dehydrator - and it will set you back less dollars than the average cup of Perth coffee!

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